Welcome to the FAQ section of White Crane Homes, where we've gathered the most frequently asked questions about renting with us. Whether you're curious about

maintenance requests

, payment policies, or our

pet policy

, we've got answers to ensure your rental experience is smooth and straightforward. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive insights into our rental procedures, policies, and best practices. If there's a question you don't see addressed here, don't hesitate to

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a prompt response, please submit all maintenance requests through


. Navigate to your Apartments.com portal and select Maintenance Request. Including detailed descriptions and photographs ensures swift and accurate service.

Accidents happen, and we understand that. Should any unintentional damage occur, please notify us. While you might bear the repair costs, our trusted professionals will handle repairs efficiently, always providing an estimate beforehand. For payment convenience, you can settle the invoice online, just as you do with your rent.

For specifics on late rent implications, kindly refer directly to your lease agreement.

Start by revisiting your lease to confirm its end date. Next, inform your property manager of your decision to move. You'll receive a

cleaning checklist

to ensure the property is returned in its initial condition to facilitate a full deposit refund.

While we don't advocate for early terminations, we recognize unforeseen circumstances arise, like job relocations or family emergencies. Please consult your property manager for specific procedures and any associated costs.

Many of our properties are pet-friendly. However, you should verify with your property manager first. If permitted, acquaint yourself with our

Pet Policy

and follow the stipulated guidelines. Your property manager will assist you throughout.

Review our

Pet Policy

and liaise with your property manager for a smooth process.

Don't hesitate to

contact our team

directly. We're here to help!

Utilities: Resident's Responsibility

Before moving in, residents must show proof of utilities transfer. Note that Lancaster Utilities and Electric Service Providers follow distinct transfer protocols.

Lancaster Utilities:

  • Easily manage water, sewer, stormwater, natural gas, and trash pickup through one office.
  • Ensure all current bills are settled.
  • To transfer, present a lease copy, photo ID, and complete the application.
  • First-time Lancaster utility users may need to pay a refundable deposit; consult their office for details.
  • For predictable billing, ask about their 12-month level billing plan, which adjusts annually based on usage.
  •  More Info

AEP - American Electric Power:

  • A deposit might be required, influenced by credit history and prior service with AEP. Deposit policies might vary, so please check with AEP directly.
  • Visit AEP

Internet & TV:

  • Research available providers at your new location to choose the best fit.

Lastly, stay updated with your utility payments as specified in your lease. Consider Lancaster Utilities' budget-friendly options to mitigate seasonal cost fluctuations.